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Request your own tapestry

Interested in a custom designed tapestry? Let me know how I can work with you to create a unique piece of art for yourself or someone you love.

Request a quote

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  • What size can it be?

    Small tapestries grow from 3 x 3 inches to 10 x 12 inches and larger pieces will be woven upon request.

  • How much will it cost?

    Cost will depend on the size of the tapestry. My smaller portraits range from $100 to $1000 and the exact price will be determined when we discuss your design.

  • Can you make it from a photograph?

    If you want a tapestry of your parents, children, or pet, photographs can be very useful. Collect several you like and we can look at them as we begin to plan the design.

  • How long will it take?

    The art of tapestry weaving is not one of speed. A timeline will be discussed and although it varies with size, it is usually a matter of weeks or months.

  • Will it be framed?

    My smaller tapestries will be mounted on board and placed in a sectional frame. Larger tapestries will require other solutions. We will discuss this while planning your piece.

  • How do I know what it will look like?

    After we discuss your idea and look at photos and colors I will draw a basic sketch. I won’t start the tapestry until you are fully satisfied.