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Handspun landscape in tapestry

Are you a handspinner? Take advantage of your ability to produce your own handspun or invest in some of the beautiful handspun and roving created today. Students will weave a small landscape using handspun or roving to contrast with smoother commercial yarns. We will discuss loom set up, basic tapestry technique and explore the effect of handspun in landscape design. The instructor will provide looms and warp yarn. All levels of experience are welcome.


Beginning Tapestry

Come try tapestry! This basic technique of weaving cloth starts with very simple beginnings. In this class you will learn the basics of choosing yarns, warping the loom and weaving basic shapes. The sample piece you create may be kept as a future reference, used as a small mat or sewn into a pouch or pocket. Small looms and basic materials will be provided.

Shapes and cupcakes

Still life is often used by artists to practice technique and in this class we will focus on desserts. Students in this class will weave a small still life of a cupcake using tapestry technique. The emphasis will be on shape making, both geometric and organic, and connecting those shapes to create a new shape, a cupcake shape. All levels can gain knowledge from this workshop, but you should have a basic working knowledge of weaving.

Expression in woven faces

Enjoy learning to construct a woven face using tapestry technique; once you begin weaving the unique expression it may remind you of someone you know. We will focus on a few key elements that play a part in creating expression such as yarn choices, use of slits and creating shapes in tapestry. All levels can find this class valuable, but you should have a basic working knowledge of weaving.


Creative design with metaphor

Do you want to develop new ideas that give your weaving, quilting, garment making, or felted pieces more personal meaning? This class will help any fiber artist look at ideas in a new way. The class will explore the use of metaphor to investigate a theme and connect those ideas to our own work. We will use existing images and drawing materials to create designs as a group and individually. The elements of art will help guide you as you link these ideas to your chosen media.


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